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Having optimal oral health can be beneficial not just for the mouth and teeth but also for the body. Taking good care of the mouth, teeth, and gums is essential to maintaining general health. A complete health dentist is a provider who works with patients to improve overall wellness, starting with dental treatments. Complete health dental services are available at Modern Dental of Springfield in Springfield and the surrounding area. Our providers focus on systematic dental care to improve patient outcomes and overall wellness. The oral health connection to a healthy body requires regular dental checkups and healthy routines that keep teeth and gums free from inflammation and infection.

Our providers have a comprehensive approach to dental health care. We can provide strategies to help you attain a healthier mouth, even if you suffer from chronic conditions. Call us at to get more information about how we can work with you to develop a complete health dental treatment plan.

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Oral Systemic Health

Oral Health Shows In Your Overall Wellness

Many patients see their dentist at least twice a year, sometimes more, for regular treatments. During a standard dental checkup, the dentist may be the first health provider to find signs of disease or other indicators of a patient’s overall wellness. According to WebMD, dental exams may give a provider the first clues of chronic disease.

When examining the gums, if the dentist notices inflammation, swelling, and bleeding, this may be a sign of diabetes, heart disease, or another chronic condition. Unusual spots in the mouth may be an indicator of oral cancer or HIV, even before other noticeable symptoms start. A dentist may also be able to see signs of stress if the teeth are worn down or chipped. Some practitioners use salivary testing to measure bacteria levels or potential periodontal disease.

Conditions a Complete Health Dentist Treats

A review from the Institute of Medicine suggests there is evidence linking superior oral health to overall wellness. A complete health dentist’s primary focus is in promoting and treating dental conditions while also improving outcomes for other chronic diseases. These dental providers are also partners in a patient’s comprehensive health plan. Dentists can complement the care patients get from their primary care physician and work to advance wellness.

Gum disease is one treatment option that can improve or enhance overall wellness. Patients who show signs of early gum disease may have complications ranging from inflammation to severe conditions, such as diabetes. Dental providers treat the causes of gum and periodontal disease by eliminating bacteria, reducing inflammation, and promoting healthy gum routines.

Building Healthy Habits With a Complete Oral Health Dentist

Seeing a complete health dentist allows patients to discuss how they can maintain a healthy body. The provider can encourage patients to stop smoking, eat a balanced diet, and brush and floss regularly to prevent chronic conditions. Additionally, Dr. Michael Morley, DMD may talk to patients about staying at a healthy weight and adding exercise to their daily routine.

Plaque, Bacteria, and Infection Treatment Options

The root cause of many dental and gum problems is bacteria. Dr. Michael Morley, DMD and our office offers a variety of treatment options to keep the mouth free of plaque, bacteria, and infections. Here is how we typically treat these conditions in-house:

  • Plaque: Effective treatment for dental plaque starts at home with regular brushing and flossing. Using a mouth rinse may reduce the amount of plaque left behind after eating. Our staff also removes plaque during a standard dental cleaning, which you should schedule every six months.
  • Bacteria: Bacterial infections in the mouth or gums may lead to periodontal disease and an increased risk of other severe conditions. Our providers can help treat bacteria before it becomes a severe problem. We may use antimicrobial treatments, antiseptic mouthwashes, or other options to reduce bacteria.
  • Infection: Dental infections may lead to problems such as an abscess, cavity, or gum disease. The first line of defense against infection is prevention with routine checkups and a solid oral hygiene routine. For active infections, dental providers use various treatment options such as antibiotics, cavity fillings, or gum tissue treatments.

Preventative Options

Preventing health problems starts with awareness and patients being proactive about their health care. At the dentist, patients should focus on having direct, open discussions with their provider and asking for tips about their dental care routine at home. The ideal course of preventative care involves patients engaging in a healthy lifestyle that includes daily activity, a wholesome diet, and brushing and flossing after meals.

Patients should also avoid or limit their consumption of sugary or acidic foods and drink, caffeine and alcohol intake, and smoking tobacco products. Replacing a few of your daily drinks with water can dramatically enhance your oral health as well as the whole body system.

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