Test What You Know About Dental Sealants Here

If you know all there is to know about dental sealants, it’s time to test your knowledge! The more you know about this treatment, the better chance you have of using it to your advantage. This can be quite beneficial because dental sealants can help your smile in many ways! To find out what you know, our dentist, Dr. Micheal... read more »

Battling Bad Breath

Are your plants dying because you’re taking to them? Do you coworkers email you just to say “good morning?” Does your boss call a meeting for everyone in your department except you? It may not be your personality; it could be your breath. Bad breath can be the result of something you ate, or it may be due to a... read more »

Common Questions Concerning Dental Bonding

If you have minor surface irregularities or abnormalities and you wish to improve the visual aesthetics of your smile, consider the use of a restoration treatment such as a dental bonding procedure. Dental bonding applications are designed to improve your smile by applying materials to the surface of a tooth. Frequent questions and answers regarding dental bonding are as follows:... read more »

Should You Call the Dentist?

When should you see the dentist? Obviously, you should see the dentist at least twice a year for your regular cleanings and exams. These visits give the dentist a chance to remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth and check your teeth and mouth for problems. Depending on your oral health, Dr. Morley and Dr. Hamel may want to... read more »

Coping With Your Dry Mouth

Do you have dry mouth? You may have some of the symptoms, but not know that dry mouth is the problem. Symptoms of dry mouth include dryness in your mouth or on your tongue. Believe it or not, if your mouth feels sticky, that is also a symptom of dry mouth. If you experience a burning mouth, dry or cracked... read more »