At Modern Dental, we use the latest innovations in dental technology when planning and performing your treatment. Dental technology enables us to provide you with more precise and comfortable care, as well as a more pleasant overall experience.

Some of the technologies featured at our office include:

Our dentists and team are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of warm, personalized dental care. Dental technology allows us to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. It also enables us to plan treatments that are tailored to your exact needs. The phrase “dental technology” incorporates almost everything that goes into your treatment, such as cutting-edge tools, equipment, treatment techniques and even the materials used in your treatment.

Each type of technology used at Modern Dental has its own benefits. For example, digital imaging makes it easier for us to closely examine your mouth and quickly diagnose any developing problems. It also helps us to plan treatments that are effective and minimally invasive. In short, our dental technology aids in your comfort during your treatment and afterward.

Please call us today at (217) 698-3400 if you have questions about the technology we use and to schedule your consultation with Dr. Morley or Dr. Hamel at our dental office in Springfield, Illinois.