Dr. Morley and Dr. Hamel may recommend dental bonding to improve the appearance of teeth that have imperfections. Dental bonding is a conservative cosmetic treatment and is an excellent solution for teeth that are severely stained, oddly shaped, have large spaces between them, or are chipped or cracked. Best of all, dental bonding does not require the removal of any of your original tooth structure, making it a conservative and highly effective treatment.

When you receive dental bonding, our gentle dentists will carefully apply a tooth-colored resin to your teeth. This resin is shaped and sculpted to fit your tooth and correct the imperfections that affect your appearance. Next we harden, trim and polish the resin to give you a cosmetically perfect tooth that will improve the appearance of your smile for years to come.

Your entire treatment is custom-designed for your particular dentition, from the shade of white of your bonding material to sculpting this resin into the proper shape. We are dedicated to giving you a beautiful smile that will boost your confidence.

We invite you to call Modern Dental at (217) 698-3400 to schedule your appointment with our dental office in Springfield, Illinois. Just reach out to learn more about how you could benefit from dental bonding.