Coping With Your Dry Mouth

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Do you have dry mouth? You may have some of the symptoms, but not know that dry mouth is the problem. Symptoms of dry mouth include dryness in your mouth or on your tongue. Believe it or not, if your mouth feels sticky, that is also a symptom of dry mouth. If you experience a burning mouth, dry or cracked lips, or sores, you might have a case of dry mouth. Dry mouth means that your body is not making enough saliva to keep your mouth hydrated. Dry mouth can contribute to tooth decay and infections, and it may be difficult to swallow or chew your food.

Dry mouth can be caused by some medications and diseases such as AIDS and Parkinson’s. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy can also contribute to dry mouth. If you are experiencing the symptoms of dry mouth, you should let Drs. Morley and Hamel know. Our dentists may want to talk with your doctor about changing your medication or course of treatment and may be able to offer you some options. Those options may include chewing sugarless gum to stimulate your salivary glands, increasing your water intake, and cutting down or quitting caffeine or tobacco. In some cases, our dentists may prescribe a medication or artificial saliva.

If you are concerned about dry mouth, or if you are just looking for a family dentist, then it’s time you met our dentists. If you live in Springfield, Illinois, you can make an appointment at Modern Dental by calling (217) 698-3400.