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Dr. Micheal A. Morleyimage_doctor_dentist_morley

My name is Mike Morley and I have been practicing dentistry for over 19 years in the Central Illinois area. I graduated from SIU-School of Dental Medicine June of 1998. My interest in dentistry, as a profession, began in the fall of 1989 when I was a junior in high school and dating Tracy Hurd, who is now my wife. Her father was a dentist in Springfield, and he took me for an interview at the dental school I later attended. I owe everything to the late Robert Hurd, D.M.D. for giving me the desire, drive, and determination to become a dentist.

It was also Dr. Hurd who gave me the opportunity to practice dentistry immediately after graduation. I joined his private practice, where he had been for the past 29 years. I was with Dr. Hurd, for about 18 months when I took an associate dentist position in Decatur, IL. Shortly after I began practicing in Decatur, my wife became pregnant with our first of three kids, Alli. When Alli was born, Tracy and I eventually came to the conclusion that we both wanted to move back to the Springfield area instead of buying a dental practice in Decatur. My father-in-law was still at his private practice; however, returning to his practice was not ideal. Dr. Hurd had a good practice with a great staff, but at this time, Tracy and I wanted to embark on the “adventure” of starting a dental practice…from scratch.

We opened our doors for Modern Dental October 8th, 2001. When Tracy and I look back at that moment in our lives, I think we both recall a different set of emotions. At the time we opened our doors, Tracy was always supportive and never wavering; however, she will admit today of feeling nervous, scared, and perhaps anxious about our decision (did I mention she was pregnant with our second child, Gavin?). I, on the other hand, never looked back. I loved the opportunity to “hang a shingle”, as they say. I did my “homework”; I studied and read numerous books about start-up dental practices and start-up businesses and worked hard at growing our new dental practice. I always wanted a practice that would be consumer-friendly, have the latest treatment technologies, and be busy and capable of serving many people in Springfield and central Illinois. I believe that we have established that kind of practice. I am proud of Modern Dental and everything it has to offer.

Tracy and I now have three children, Alli, Gavin, and Teagan. Their pictures can be found hanging in our reception room. Modern Dental continues to grow thanks to our loyal patients. I love practicing dentistry. I truly believe it is the greatest profession. I continue to implement better ways to operate Modern Dental. Most of all, patient interactions and providing dental care to patients is the most gratifying portion of my job. My special thanks to all of the patients of Modern Dental who have supported us over the years.