Welcome to the Modern Dental Goose Cam


******UPDATE 5/22/2017*****

Sadly, it looks like Brush has abandoned her eggs. We spoke to the folks at Henson Robinson Zoo and they explained it’s not that uncommon. When geese are young, they will lay eggs that are not actually fertilized and when she realizes they won’t become goslings the parents walk, or should I say waddle away from their nest. We are very disappointed. We have so many geese behind the office and we were looking forward to seeing Brush and Floss start their family.


There is a bright side. Apparently after young geese choose a nesting spot they will often return to the same spot each year. Our hope is they will come back again next year and our flower pot will then be the home to some goslings.
If they do we will bring back the goose cam next spring.

For those who are visiting the site for the first time, this is how the goose cam came to be.

Anyone who comes to the west side of Springfield knows we have our fair share of geese over here.  We have a pond behind our office and every spring we anxiously await the arrival of the new goslings.  This year we had an unexpected surprise!

Our discovery began in the early morning of April 24.  There they were!  3 goose eggs in the flowerpot right outside the back window.  We were a bit concerned at first thinking our mother goose AKA Brush, was perhaps not a great mom because she was not sitting on her eggs. That prompted us to do some research.  We found out her behavior was pretty normal and she most like wasn’t done laying eggs yet.  We also learned she wouldn’t really sit on them till she was finished laying all her eggs.

Each day we were excited to come and see if there was another egg.  And each day there was another for the next few days until we had 7.  On April 28 Brush started sitting on her eggs pretty much 24/7 while Floss (the father goose) guarded them all.  We became so infatuated with this whole process that we found ourselves checking on them several times a day and bringing our patient to the back window to see our goose and her eggs.

The flowerpot it right next to the window and the window is mirrored allowing us to watch our little goose family without disturbing them.  A small joke was made about her being our Giraffe and the Goose Cam was born.

We expect the eggs to hatch somewhere around the 2nd to 3rd week of May.  Keep in mind we have no real knowledge of this for sure and it comes strictly a guesstimate based on what we’ve read.    Feel free to log on and watch anytime or go to our Facebook page for updates on our goose family.

Please feel free to log on and watch them as much as you like.  We do however ask that you do not get close to them or disturb them.